Flowers hold the power to make you feel loved, happy, consoled, and beautiful. They are magic in their own right and we want to share their magic with you!


There is a beautiful marriage between our farm flowers and floral design studio...

We appreciate the natural ebb and flow of the farm and the seasonality it brings. These two qualities are then seen in our design work as we work with what is growing in season and use nature as the lead artistic guide in all of our designs.

As the lead floral designer, Melissa is able to combine her creative vision with her love of nature to create truly unique floral arrangements and bouquets that are not bound by traditional floral design. Instead there is an untamed, textural quality that brings life to the arrangements.

We are thrilled to offer you local flowers that are unique in color, style and texture!

Why Local?

It is sad fact that we import approximately 80% of the cut flowers we see here in the good ole' USA. By importing them, we have compromised the freshness of the flowers and have instead settled for flowers that have been cut weeks before they reach your home and have been drenched with chemicals to make it here without fading.  This is why there is a new and growing movement to grow our own flowers and support local, American Grown, flowers. Local flower growers are popping up all over the nation and similar to the local food movement, people are choosing to purchase flowers that are grown with love here in the USA! We want to cultivate this movement here in the Big Horn Basin so that you can support the local flower love!



Always Fresh

Our flowers are harvested by hand every morning and therefore delivered fresh to you within a few days of being cut. By cutting into fresh clean water and delivering them to you this way they should last a week or more in the vase. They are free from pesticides and other chemicals and can therefore retain their freshness and fragrance in your home. We offer a vast variety of flowers that are rare, lovely, and changing with the seasons from early summer into fall. 

Check out this great video on the local flower movement!