Passiflora Farm: Core Values


                  This is the most important aspect of our farm. We are in this farming venture together and it matters a great deal to us to keep the farm small, family-owned and operated.


                   Just like in life, a business run with integrity is a successful one. We pledge to operate our farm and serve all of our customers with integrity and respect.


                    All of our flowers are sustainably grown oun our own small acreage where we use organic growing methods as much as possible. Flowers are fresh and can retain their scent by utilizing these practices. We allow some of our field to bloom fully in an effort to support our local bees and other pollinators that are in need of our help. Our hedgerows provide excellent habitat for many songbirds and other species.


                     The quality of our flowers is important to us and to you! Our flowers are always hand harvested at the appropriate time to achieve the longest vase life possible and are transported/ delivered in fresh water with care instructions. This ensures that you can admire them longer and they will not wilt before their time.


                     "Passion" is found directly in our farm name and for a reason. This farm is our family passion and we are passionate about what we do, how we do it, and spreading the local flower love to this part of the country. That's right, to YOU!