Here at Passiflora Farm, we offer buckets of flowers and foliage for you to make your own arrangements if desired for a DIY wedding or special event. As we are a seasonal flower farm, the varieties we have in the field are always changing from early summer into fall so we can not promise that specific flowers will be available at the time of your wedding or event. However, we can give you an idea of what will be blooming at the time of your special day. This option can be a fun way to gather family, friends, or co-workers to create beautiful arrangements with our lovely, local blooms!

We can try to accommodate specific color schemes and desires for varieties, but we rely on harvesting the most beautiful and fresh blooms available in the field at the time of your wedding or event.

Buckets options are either "Growers Choice"- meaning we provide you with the best of what is in the field at the time but not specific varieties or color options, or "Color Specific"- these buckets are filled with blooms in your color scheme. You can also purchase a mixture of "Color Specific" and "Growers Choice" to mix things up while still giving you some of the colors you desire most! Sweet Peas, Dahlias, and Sunflowers (Premium Flowers)are sold separately by the stem or 10- stem bunch and are not included in DIY buckets. 

In order to have the freshest flowers possible we recommend that you pick up your buckets/bunches no earlier than 3 days before your wedding or event. If cared for properly (we will provide you care information) your flowers should last for a week or longer in the vase.

"Growers choice" buckets are filled with fresh seasonal blooms at $50 or $60 each depending on the blooms. "Color specific" buckets are $65 or $75 each depending on how many flowers in the field fit the color scheme. We also offer 10-stem bunches of single varieties and sell our premium flowers by the stem (Refer to the FAQ's Page for this information). 

As a reference, one bucket will fill about 5-7 quart-sized mason jars (depending on how full you make the arrangements) and there are approximately 60 -90 stems per bucket -(the exact number of stems all depends on what is currently blooming in the field). 

Buckets are only available from June through September (the exact date depends on our first frost). All DIY weddings and events require a 2 bucket minimum. There is a $5 per bucket deposit (for the bucket itself) and its fully refundable upon return of clean buckets. Delivery is not included with this package option. We are happy to have you come out to the farm on the date you have requested to pick up your buckets. There is a 50% deposit required to reserve your flowers once your order has been confirmed.

Please review our FAQ's Page for more common questions you may have about this option.



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